Three Problems Maeco Avoids with Offshore Manufacturing

MAECO_Three Problems MAECO Avoids with Offshore ManufacturingSince the 1990s offshoring has been the go-to strategy for manufacturers. Even with the included fees for logistics, the low cost of labor made it economically feasible. The trend is still strong today, but with mixed results. As the demand increased, so did the suppliers of manufacturing solutions. Unless a company has experience and a track record, you may run into three common concerns when getting your parts manufactured offshore. Below we list these concerns and how we solved them.

Production Setbacks

Setbacks in production usually arise from poor communication with offshore manufacturers, some from cultural differences and some from linguistic challenges. We have worked with the same manufacturers on multiple projects for multiple years. We have an excellent track record of communicating with our offshore manufacturers.

Shipping Delays

We take logistics seriously. We know that getting your manufactured components on time, without worry and without hassle, is dependent on knowing how to navigate through ocean freight, U.S. Custom fees, import fees and many other fees. Your quoted delivery price reflects the net cost of getting your product stateside on time.

Parts Not Meeting Standards

Quality assurance is what Maeco is all about. We stand by all our manufactured products, so you can stand by your products. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. Here is a testimonial below.

“We have been working with Maeco for approximately 6 years and have nothing but great things to say about their customer service. They are extremely sincere, knowledgeable, and dedicated people who give us confidence that when we throw a project their way that we truly have a teammate working for us to come up with a quality product and an affordable price. I would highly recommend Maeco for your purchasing needs.” – PBM Supply & Mfg


MAECO of Oregon has a successful track record for prototyping, manufacturing, and delivering industrial and agricultural components. Whether you need to find the best quality industrial or agricultural components at a competitive price or need a single custom solution, call (503) 798-5596 or email us using this link.


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