Replacing an Ammonia Gauge

MAECO_Replacing an Ammonia GaugeAnhydrous ammonia is an efficient and widely used source of nitrogen fertilizer. Anhydrous ammonia has several advantages, including its relatively easy application and ready availability. The key to an economically healthy yield is maintaining a good spray coverage. The key to satisfactory spray coverage is a good steel ammonia gauge.


A good steel ammonia gauge is essential to deliver proper application rates in gallons per acre and desirable application pressures in pounds per square inch. The actual range used will depend on the stage of crop growth (size) and the time and method of application. Proper calibration assures safe, economical, and effective practices.To correctly calibrate sprayers you need to have properly functioning gauges, pumps, nozzles, and pressure regulators. Maeco can assist you in all your agricultural component needs including brass double female swivels, tank couplings, and more. Maeco also has the ability to assist you in the design of many items pertinent to your application.


A steel ammonia gauge also plays an important part in maintaining good safety practices. The properties in nitrogen fertilizer make it one of the most potentially dangerous chemicals used in agriculture. Ammonia gas is colorless and has a sharp, penetrating odor. Proper selection of wetted parts is critical since ammonia is poisonous. The only acceptable wetted parts material for gauges used in ammonia applications are stainless steel or steel.


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