Let MAECO Prototype Your Industrial Components

MAECO_Let Maeco Prototype Your Industrial Components

Gauges are our Specialty

Maeco can design any gauge for any application. Our process includes providing prototypes for your testing and sampling needs, including flow meters and bi-metal thermometers.

We specialize in pressure gauges of all types, from basic utility gauges for general purpose applications, to mining gauges for use in longwall mining as well as heavy duty hydraulic requirements and natural gas test gauges, ammonia gauges, refrigerant gauges, glycerin filled gauges and a wide range of special application gauges.

Designed Specific to Your Application

Maeco has a track record of innovative designs based on specific customer needs. Items like brass double female swivels, tank couplings, ammonia gauges are just a few of the items that we can supply to you, not to mention Maeco’s ability to assist you in the design of many items pertinent to your application.

Even Small Components to Meet your OEM Needs

Looking for a company to search out special or hard to find items such as agricultural fans for powering large area irrigation needs or manufacturing small components for your OEM needs? We think you have found one. We are a team company. We work with you to find the exact product that you need for your special applications.


Whether you need to find the best quality industrial or agricultural components at a competitive price, or a single custom solution, call (503) 798-5596 or email us using this link.

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