Customized Component Manufacturing When OEM Won’t Do

Not all agricultural needs are the same and some solutions require custom design and prototyping. While this is true in almost all component manufacturing, it is even more prevalent when it comes to agricultural components due to the diverse needs of farmers for each type and size of crop.

When a prefabricated component won’t solve your problem, MAECO of Oregon has a track record for designing and prototyping a custom solution based on your needs. We have a unique ability to help develop the design, prototype, source manufacturing, import, and delivery of proprietary agricultural components. Our ability to excel at each level of the manufacturing and distribution process has created a demand for our services and fueled our growth.


 Here are 4 benefits to having Maeco as your manufacturing partner:

  1. SAVE TIME. Our prototyping process considers the entire life cycle for manufacturing goods. We know that a quality prototype has the biggest impact in the amount of time it takes to get from design to distribution.
  2. CUSTOMIZE COMPONENTS. Defining your needs and goals prepares us to become a true partner with your interests in mind. We know our success is tied to yours.
  3. REDUCE COST. We can reduce costs at every part of the manufacturing process; from prototyping to shipping.
  4. HASSLE FREE. We guarantee a worry-free, hassle -free experience. This is in large part due to our ability to manage our client’s expectations. You will know when and what to expect at each milestone throughout the manufacturing process. No surprises.


MAECO of Oregon has a successful track record for prototyping, manufacturing, and delivering industrial and agricultural components. Whether you need to find the best quality industrial or agricultural components at a competitive price or a single custom solution, call (503) 798-5596 or email us using this link.

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