Client Spotlight: PBM Supply & Manufacturing

At Maeco, we are committed to becoming an important part of our client’s team. We align our priorities with your priorities and get projects delivered on-time and on-budget. A perfect example of the type of relationships we foster with our clients is PBM Supply & Manufacturing. PBM is a manufacturer of professional spray equipment, tank trailers, and multiple other agricultural accessories.


PBM takes great pride in the quality craftsmanship of their products. According to the PBM website,

“We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and where most manufacturers focus on mass production and profit, PBM focuses on delivering an excellent product that will last at a reasonable price. Our sprayers and tank trailers are built with the best quality components to make certain downtimes are minimal and parts are readily available.”

PBM has built spray equipment, tank trailers, and practically any piece of agricultural equipment that you could possibly inquire of, for many years. Their operations eventually developed into a line of interchangeable components with a wide variety of options, allowing nearly all the equipment they offer to be modified to meet almost any application. In fact, they provide so many options and options within options, their catalogs have become a valuable point of reference among many customers.

With over 40-plus PBM dealers in California, PBM will deliver and ship to the dealer at no-cost.

You can visit them at their next event, Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Booth # 2623 at Sacramento Convention Center. Click here to see other PBM events.


At MAECO of Oregon, we build quality innovative manufactured components on time with competitive pricing. We also build relationships. Since 1995, we have built our reputation on excellent customer service, repeat business, and qualified referrals. PBM Supply & Manufacturing is just one example of the type of long-term partnerships we forge with all our clients and one we hope to have with you.


MAECO of Oregon has a successful track record for prototyping, manufacturing, and delivering industrial and agricultural components. Whether you need to find the best quality industrial or agricultural components at a competitive price or a single custom solution, call (503) 798-5596 or email us using this link.

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