4 Questions to Ask Before You Prototype

MAECO_4 Questions to Ask Before You PrototypeThe greatest benefit of prototyping before you go into mass production is saving money. This is because all other benefits that come with prototyping also save you money. These other benefits include testing multiple features, verify functionality, review the aesthetics of the design for branding, get feedback from customers or investors, and provide a physical model for stakeholders to review. All of these benefits are achieved with prototyping and all save your company money in the long run.

You can also save money on prototyping if you ask yourself the right questions about your prototyping goals. Here are the four questions that can help you get started.

How Simple or Complex is My Product?

Is it a single component or will it require assembly of multiple components? How many different materials will it require? At MAECO, we can ask and answer these questions for you, and in many cases offer solutions based on our experience in manufacturing.

How Far Along Am I in Development?

No matter what stage you are in development; an idea in your head, sketches on the back of a napkin, or a full 3D digital model, we can take you to the next step. We can get your concept prepped for prototyping and even provide small batch jobs for further proof of concept.

Who Needs to See My Prototype?

If you need a protype for marketing, you may not need a fully functional component. On the other hand, if you need a protype to test you may need complete functionality. Determine your audience for the prototype. Is the protype for partners, investors, pre-order customers? This will determine how far in developnent the prototype needs to be and can save you money if you only need a demonstration model.

Finally, What Do I Want My Prototype to Prove?

This seems like a pretty broad question, but it needs to be the question that is constantly asked throughout the entire process. It is easy to lose sight of the larger goal when you get into the minutia of materials, assembly, and even aesthetics. At MAECO, we make sure that we focus on the primary function of your component and keep your goals in mind through the entire lifecycle of design, manufacture, and even importing and distribution.

MAECO of Oregon is your solution for prototyping, manufacturing, and delivering pressure gauges for industrial and agricultural systems. Whether you need to find the best quality industrial or agricultural components at a competitive price or a single custom solution, call (503) 798-5596 or email us usingĀ this link.


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